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PV solar modules, Kyocera, Astropower, Uni-Solar, Siemens, Solarex, solar panels,  Renewable Energy, solar modules, photovoltaic, sun power, solar energy

PV Solar Modules - Solar Panels 

Renewable Energy, solar modules, solar panels, Kyocera solar panels, Astropower solar modules, Uni-Solar solar modules, Siemens solar panels, solarex solar panels, energy efficiency, Alternative Energy, solar power, solar energy, PV, Photovoltaic, sun power



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The industry is in a state of flux right now, mostly due to a lawsuit from the Solarworld and Suniva companies about out-of-country imports being unfair; industry leaders predict perhaps a 15% to as much as 40% increase in the prices of solar modules. We’ll do the best we can to keep a lid on these prices; and while we endeavor to keep our pricing current, please call for availability and shipping costs. Here are some of the most recent offerings:

Jinko 270W poly solar modules, 60 cell, minimum quantity 4, black anodized frames
65” x 39.05” x 1.57”
Vmpp 31.7V Impp 8.52A
$269 (call for pallet pricing)

Solarworld 280W mono solar modules, minimum quantity 4, black anodized frames
65.95” x 39.44” x 1.3”
Vmpp 31.2V Impp 9.07A
$280 (call for pallet pricing)

Hanwha Q Cells 290W, 60 cell module, minimum quantity 4, black anodized frames
65.7” x 39.4” x 1.26”
Vmpp 31.96V Impp 9.07A
$315 (call for pallet pricing)

Solarworld 300W mono solar modules, 60 cell
39.7” x 65.595” x 1.3”
$370 (call for pallet pricing)

Panasonic 315W solar module, 96 HIT cell
40.81” x 62.59” x 1.378”
$399 (call for pallet pricing)

Canadian Solar (CS) 325 Poly solar modules, 72 cell, T4 connector, silver frame
77.2” x 39.1” x 1.57”
$323 (call for pallet pricing)

Axitec 325 Poly Solar module, 72 cell, silver frame
77.01” x 39.06 x 1.57”
Vmpp 37.49V Impp 8.67A
Minimum order pallet of 25 - $5394

Solaria 330W solar modules, mono, 60 cell
63.81” x 41.57” x 1.57”
$345 (call for pallet pricing)

The variety of solar modules and availability changes on a day-to-day basis.
If you’re looking for a particular brand, let us know and we’ll do our best to find it for you.
We can also quote container pricing for your larger systems.
Call us for other solar modules we may have available
or for what our current best watt for the buck is!


solar modules, solar power, solar panels, Renewable Energy, photovoltaic, PV, Kyocera, Astropower, Uni-Solar, Siemens, Solarex, solar modules/panels

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